June 20, 2021

President Biden Is a Typical President

Typical Presidents promise things that they cannot deliver, hide their true intentions on topics that could keep them from winning, and attempt to get as much power as possible.

President Biden has all of these characteristics. He currently holds the record for most executive orders passed in this time period– by a lot. Though he’s on the record saying that Presidents that use Executive Orders as he is are dictatorial.

He’s changed President Trump’s directives, at the cost of relationships with our foreign neighbors((Canada highly invested in Keystone XL pipeline which Biden cancelled), those needing insulin or epinephrine((Biden froze HHS order that lowered the prices)), or the overall economy((Fed is warning economic outlook is poor after just a month ago saying is was firm)). On topics that he on which he was challenged on the campaign trail, like court-packing((setting up a commission to explore court reform)) and banning fracking((at least for 60 days)).

Now it’s true that a lot of these items could still amount to nothing– he could be trying to placate the base by saying he’s setting up commissions, freezing things temporarily, and doing a lot on the left issues for show. We will have to see what comes out of it, but my point is that this is all Typical Swamp President stuff and many may now wish that they had actually considered what candidate Biden was saying he would do instead of just voting no to Trump.

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