December 7, 2022

Are You Prioritizing Your Time With Your Family Correctly?

There’s an ongoing debate on whether it’s quality time that you need to spend with your children, or quantity time. While I’ll leave other sites to fight that out, I would like to think that it actually is both– provided that you are making the most of the time.

The other day, as I was talking with one of my children about what their future would bring, we were discussing what the focus of our work should be. The obvious answer that came out was that our focus should be on glorifying God with our work.

That flows right in to how we should see our time with our kids. It’s fine to have fun, to goof off, and to share down time, but do we make sure that we’re also using that precious, limited time with our children to point them to the Lord, to grow godly habits, and focus them?

Do we make time for family devotions?

This reality is common amongst most families with teenagers. Whether it is because of sports, academics, drama, or music, parents are busier than ever. So, where does family devotion time fit into the busy schedule? How do we make time when time is the thing we seem to have the least of? 

My response is not mind-blowing or deeply rooted in hours of theological reasoning. My response is simple: You make time for what is important.

Are You Too Busy for a Family Devotion?

Are you making sure to incorporate adventure?

As fathers, we are often sitting around thinking of ways to spend time with our sons. A movie now and then is ok; they get enough screen time and not much time to talk. Activities are a much better way to bond and get some conversations going while learning a new skill or having some fun. 

Important Activity Time With Your Son For Growth

Are you doing things with intention– causing action, or letting things happen to you? Don’t let your life operate on auto-pilot. Make sure that you’re doing at least some things with intention, with a plan.

I mean, that’s how the Lord interacts with the world and with your life, right?

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