June 17, 2021

Is There a Weighted Algorithm at Play in Michigan’s Voting Machines?

There really is no reason to count a vote as a fraction or store it as a double. As a Comp Sci guy myself, doubles are not that precise. I would have expected int or decimal. The fact that the system used a double tells me that they expected votes not to be whole numbers. Maybe weighting would help with testing the system (run a simulation with a weighted vote to make sure the correct output) but this is ridiculous.

Black Box Voting has more on fractional voting and it’s problems, and though I haven’t reviewed the entire series of articles, the questions remain:

  • Were these systems configured to weight?
  • Why don’t you force these machines to show the decimals so observers could note that something is awry?
  • If these 3 counties in the YouTube above are wrong, do we need to hand recount everywhere Dominion systems are used?
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