April 22, 2021

Colleges Wondering if They Will Open in the Fall

Along the roads in our area a local school has put up signs on the lawns showing which houses have the local school’s Seniors. Yes, the class of 2020 is a weird one. In about a month, most of them would be expecting to walk across a stage in a cap and gown and collect a college diploma– a right of passage for many teens into the world of adulthood… or crushing college debt.

Now, in the world of COVID-19, we find colleges wondering if they will open next year. I mean, it’s one thing to pay full price to attend a college only to have the time cut short because of COVID-19, but if you were planning what you were to do this fall, what would you do?

I would find it hard to want to pay full price for an on campus experience when they are saying that there could be “round 2” this fall and you could end up home. This will probably benefit those colleges with online programs, but for the traditional ones, the community colleges, what will happen to them?

Some say they may skip a year. Some may opt for cheaper alternatives like community colleges. Either way, the coronavirus could leave its mark on higher education long after the pandemic fades.

Most colleges haven’t decided yet what to do about the fall, said Brian Eufinger, of Edison Prep, an SAT tutoring service and college admissions expert in Atlanta. “The closer we get to the Fourth of July they’ll have to say yay or nay,” he said.

As some students decline to attend, some schools are combing through their wait lists to fill enrollment vacancies. Eufinger said he has seen students “come off of wait lists at top schools — schools that typically don’t pull from wait lists — so that tells me their overall deposit numbers are lower.”

Herald Mail Media – hat tip, Vox Day

Most college can have little ROI, and now many may decide to see what they can do without it. The positive? Less college debt!

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