June 17, 2021

Is Carelessness As Bad As Perfectionism?

Peacefulwife writes in The Pendulum Effect about the fact that there are extremes on both ends:

With almost every aspect of the Christian life, I  picture a number line.  In one direction is one extreme and in the other direction is another extreme. In the power of the sinful flesh, all we can do is swing back and forth from one sinful tendency to another like a pendulum. We swing too far one way then too far the other way – and no matter which way we swing, we create dysfunction. It is VERY frustrating!

While I’m not sure that some of the extremes are sinful (how do you define too quiet and is it truly sinful?), she is right on target when it comes to the fact that we are so often looking at one side of the extreme and get called out about the other!  While extremes are sometimes necessary depending on the circumstances, being steady and solid are good characteristics for any Christian to have.

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