May 8, 2021

The Bailout and Duck Tales

ducktales Who would have guessed you could learn so much about inflation from a kid’s cartoon?

I used to watch Duck Tales and the whole Disney afternoon back in the 80s and 90s, and though I don’t remember the episode you’ll see after the jump, there’s quite the simple explanation of why just pumping more money into the economy will not help the situation.  It’s just extending the bubble and pushing the delaying the crash.

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7 thoughts on “The Bailout and Duck Tales

  1. OH MY GOSH! I LOOOOVVVEEEE Duck Tales! My hubby and I have bought every season on DVD (we were addicted in the 80s too!). We’re hoping to get my little girl hooked on it as well.

    Thanks for this trip down memory lane. This made my day! 🙂

    I think some of the best financial lessons I’ve learned have come not from universities and brokerage firms but Scrooge McDuck himself! 🙂

    Rachels last blog post..Should I SOAP Hebrews?

  2. Wow.

    Well now that you understand the fundamental problem with federal notes, let me ask you this: How can you possibly vote for a candidate who does not oppose this system!?!?!

  3. @Arthur Eiss: I’m not committed to vote for anyone at this point. If you’re asking in general, I’m wondering how someone gets so detached and selected that they don’t understand basic common sense. Or is there something I’m really missing.

  4. I was not just asking you MIn, I was asking the general audience, and it’s a rhetorical question. It’s meant to make someone stop and think about who they might be voting for.

    However through your articles, you imply a general complacency with the two-party system and, there-in, the two candidates so nominated. The fact that you discuss the two candidates and the election without mentioning issues or candidates other than the two party-system and it’s candidates, implies that you see not other options.

    While I don’t mean to bash you for that, I do want to challenge you to think about what you’re really voting for when you vote.

    Are you just voting No-Bama?

    By the way, to whom are you referring in “detached and selected” … myself? Or one or more of the candidates?

    Arthur Eisss last blog post..Confiscation Through Inflation

  5. @Arthur Eiss: You read “general complacency” when in fact there is “realism.” I’ve clearly stated multiple times that:
    – I am not fully behind the idea of a woman in a leadership role of the county. My jury is still out on this one.
    – I have stated more than once that I think the two party system is flawed.
    – I have stated I wanted all that are on the ballot to be in the debates.
    – I have stated that I do not like Sen. McCain’s policies.

    That being the case, I have attempted to point out the problems and the grander themes of what’s going on in the context of the two candidates most will end up voting for. Saying that “you haven’t covered issues” is groundless. Anyone who has read this site for any length of time knows exactly where I stand on Abortion, Capital Punishment, Role of Women, Debt, the Economy in general, etc.

    However, the new issues of whether Gov. Palin meets the qualifications, what’s wrong with the current debate system, what’s wrong with this attack or that attack– those issues are new and I feel need discussion.

    As for who I’m voting for– I’m uncommitted at this time (as I just stated).

    As far as “detached and selected” I am referring to the candidates. I’m wonder how anyone really doesn’t understand what’s going on and what’s at stake. I mean isolated when I said selected. Who is telling these people– who are their advisers– that they really think these are good ideas?

    Is it all the pork talking?

  6. Yes it’s the pork.

    These candidates don’t have your liberties at heart. Neither of them have spoken out against the Security and Prosperity Partnership which would dissolve the borders between Mexico, Canada and the USA. Neither of them have spoken out against the many violations to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights in recent legislation including the Patriot Act.

    Neither of them have a real plan to pay down the national debt.

    Why, did you know that in fiscal year 2006 the Government paid over $400 billion in interest on the national debt?

    These sort of issues are so fundamental and totally imperative that to ignore them is to sew the seeds of America’s demise, and the enslavement of her people.

    Of course, my theory on it is that it’s all moving decisively in the direction of a New World Order which I believe there are real people out there, in power who are purposely driving society in that direction.

    If you think it’s not possible to shape people’s opinions on such a large scale, look at the homosexual movement over the last few decades.

    America is so awash in propaganda that it doesn’t even realize it’s hearing propaganda. America doesn’t realize that the Constitution and the Bill of Rights has been eroded to virtual meaninglessness. In fact some people (mostly on the left) actually believe that the Constitution is obsolete and written by a bunch of fools!

    We’ve strayed so far from the Liberties that set this nation apart that in my opinion anyone who is not STRONGLY opposed to the status-quo needs a serious wake-up call, and that’s why my posts and comments are so strongly worded. I want people to wake up and start thinking. Stop being afraid of differing in opinion from the mainstream of Americans. In fact, the ‘mainstream’ opinion is largely fabricated anyhow, and most Americans don’t believe what most Americans think most Americans believe (did you follow that one? lol)

    Liberty is fragile and must be pro-actively defended by the people. If you’re not a leader, find a good leader to get behind. If you are not aware, make yourself aware. If you don’t know how to do that, I might have a few places to point you.

    And that’s for anyone who happens to be reading this not just you MIn.

    Arthur Eisss last blog post..Confiscation Through Inflation

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