May 29, 2022

Magic Tricks?

art.david.blaine.apSo, after President Bush spoke, we were flipping through the channels, looking to see if anyone was doing news coverage and talking about what it all meant, when we ended up on ABC and they had the latest stunt from David Blaine supposedly showing “Live”.  In this stunt, Blaine was suspended from scaffolding forty-four feet (44 ft.) in the air by a set of Spiderman type ropes—upside down, where he’d been like that for 60 hours.

What do you think of David Blaine?  I’ve read in different places where he’s evil—because it’s magic.  But is it really magic, or witchcraft, or is it tricks and illusions.

Are illusions evil?

Magical Gospel Message

We had a “Christian Magician” come to our church and he had an act that included the Gospel message—along with accompanying tricks where things that were red became washed white as snow.

Now, set aside the question of “Should we use entertainers to bring people into our church” for a moment.  If you’ve been around long enough you know that I don’t think that we should.

I’m trying to focus on the question of magic and illusion: Is it evil, or can a Christian use illusion without coming under the condemnation for those that use witchcraft?  Is witchcraft more than sleight of hand?

Or how about this question, since a bit of deception is involved, is magic innocent, or based on something evil?

Should Christians avoid David Blaine and the magic shop?

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6 thoughts on “Magic Tricks?

  1. I don’t like David Blaine, but not so much because I think he’s involved in demonic stuff. I just think the stuff he does is kinda stupid.

    And I’m going to have to think about the Christian question for awhile – I’ve never really given spiritual thought to whether or not what David Blaine does is evil.

    Rachels last blog post..Overdue Book Review

  2. @Rachel: If you watch the card tricks and other illusions that he does it is neat. I have a Christian friend that’s into tricks, and he goes and buys them– and there was the Christian magician. But I find nothing in the Bible about illusion– except there’s a father of lies.

    But is motive involved here? Because he certainly isn’t out to deceive as much as he’s out to entertain. And would we have to make the logical leap that actors are also wrong, because they aren’t really who they play on television?

    Deep thoughts indeed.

  3. That’s really interesting right now because the BCM on campus hosted an illusionist to come perform a show this week. The guy performed and used some illusions to witness to the crowd. Also, Superman and I went to a magic show in Hot Springs a couple of years back, and the guy actually was a gospel singer, as well, and he spoke about his relationship with Christ. I think you’re right — motive is important. I think it’s a form of entertainment, and like with all entertainment (and basically everything), it can become an idol if you let it. Anyway…those are my thoughts. =)

    Lois Lane IIs last blog post..Don’t be afraid: SOAP No. 3

  4. @Lois Lane II: The funny thing is, there are a lot of people that say “the ends do not justify the means” but then they use it in an argument! 🙂

    Which is why I’m having so much trouble with deciding what I think about magic, I believe. It’s also part of the reason that I’m against using entertainment as a “trap” to get people to hear the Gospel, and I don’t say that simply because X number of people came to Christ that that makes the thing right. If I paid people to come to Christ, would that be right?

  5. @Lois Lane II: Again, I’m not sure. I’m generally against using entertainment for a draw for the Gospel– I mean, does the Creator of the Universe really need us to get someone “more popular” in order to bring people to Him?

    I have to think on this topic more myself.

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