June 24, 2021

Abortion– a Means to Control Women

Why do pro-choice men care about whether abortion remains an option for women?  I’m sure there are a series of reasons.

For one thing, there are some that want it because they believe in the whole concept that it’s her body and so it should be her decisions.

Another group of men would be those that are abortion doctors.  For them, they want to make sure that women keep having abortions because it’s their way to get money.

And then there are those men that have to have abortion available because they intend to have sex outside of marriage.  In essence, women must have option so that they do not get caught in their sin.

The Rolling Stones recently brought this out point blank with a discussion of why Fred Thompson changed from pro-choice to pro-life:

Here’s the deal about “Hollywood Fred” Thompson.

It’s the same deal for most red-blooded American men who routinely bed down with women they’re not married to. Like bombing Iran, abortion is never a first, second, or even fifth choice. But it is an option that needs to stay “on the table.”

When Fred was sleeping around, abortion was not the government’s business.

Certainly we hope and pray that the last reason is not prevalent; however, abortion seems to be the easy choice for the guy that doesn’t want child support payments.

Hat Tip: Jill Stanek

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