April 21, 2021

Your Church Should Have a Website!

Does your church have a website? If not, it should. We live in a time where more people are finding their information through the web– and the church of Christ cannot afford to not have information about who they are and what they stand for.

Purely Virtual LLC is a company started by a couple of friends of mine have done some design work and they are hosting websites on the web. (Full Disclosure: They are also hosting this blog.) Recently they started PurelyChurches.com to focus on the process of designing low cost, easy maintenance websites for churches.

They’re starting a series of posts talking about why your church should have a website. I agree with their first point, that you have to get who you are out there, whole heartedly.

One of the first things that you learn when you decide to blog “for real” is that you should get your own hosting and domain so that people can find you. Certainly, having your own domain for an e-mail address instead of [email protected] is a great step forward to making a good impression.

So, check out the blog, give them some encouragement, and if you or any church you know has a need for a site, please let them know of PurelyChurches.com and the desire these people have to help them get a place on the web.

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4 thoughts on “Your Church Should Have a Website!

  1. I think my church does, but as to the web address, beats me. I tried Googling it and could not find it. But I have been told there is one.

  2. Wow, wonderful ministry! I checked out the website and blog, and they’re doing a great thing there. So affordable too…I didn’t waste any time adding them to my blogroll. Church websites are vital. I think they could be the difference between people getting plugged into where God wants them to be right off the bat, vs church shopping week after week, getting so discouraged and giving up. Which many people experience. Not much fun.

    Thanks for sharing this, MIn!

  3. Sweet 😉 I definitely have run across a few church sites that could use a face lift… not to mention all the hundreds of thousands of churches who don’t even have a site.

  4. Thanks, MInTheGap, for linking to our site. Yes, we’re trying to get busy creating easy to use sites for churches.

    Leticia, if you have a church site, maybe we could help your church by making it so that your search results were higher. If not, perhaps we design a site for your church. Let me know over at our site Purely Churches.

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