May 8, 2021

Fashion Industry Concerned About the Wrong Thing


Recently, many of the places of high fashion have been drawing attention to the weight of the models that parade up and down catwalks showing off the different creations of those minds that think up high fashion.  They’re concerned about the effect these “size 0” models will have on young women everywhere as far as what regular sized women will expect their bodies to look like.

And they rightfully should be concerned about the impact that the weight has on women.  But deeper than that, they should be concerned about what messages they are sending about what they wear, not just how small the girl is that wears it.

If you’ve ever seen photos from one of these runway events some of them are quite comical.  I don’t know who comes up with the hats that they wear.  I have no idea why they match the colors they do.  And perhaps that is why I’m not a fashion commentator, just a guy with a blog that talks about ethics, morals, and Biblical things.

However, what I have found is that many of these fashion designers like to push the envelope as far as sheer material, they like to expose flash that should be hidden, they like to tease about what can and cannot be seen, or (if they’re a particular fashion show) they wish to display that which is supposed to be a “secret” but is anything but a secret.

You see, the whole industry, to me, seeks less to provide men and women with sensible things to wear as much as to draw attention to itself.  The designer puts together strange items in weird colors or shows off a model’s private parts to get attention.  The model wants the best shows and so she’s willing to show off her body and work down to the “size 0” so that she will be seen.  The people who watch these things (and I only see the photos taken after) look at these women– not to figure out what’s in style– as much to stare at the women for less than noble purposes.

To me, even if it made sense at one point in time to parade clothing on models (something that could be done on mannequins) for the purpose of determining fit has now become a circus– spending more time designing clothing for women that statistically are few, parading around in impractical clothing that you’ll never see walking down the street, and leading to a mess that could totally be avoided.

The whole weight discussion is a symptom of the problem– an industry that is now more concerned with itself than being of service to the public.

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6 thoughts on “Fashion Industry Concerned About the Wrong Thing

  1. ‘High Fashion’ is certainly a joke and like you said, a good comedy at best with the clothes that they wear…when they wear clothes. No woman that I know or have even seen on the streets wears the clothing shown on the runways. It is all about the shock value. And frankly…I’m tired of being shocked.

  2. Nice to see you back, Deborah.

    Certainly, it is crazy that these women parade themselves like they do– it’s a vicious cycle that simply feeds itself.

    Like it says in the Bible– a woman’s true beauty is found on the inside, not the outside.

  3. I never could figure out why I was supposed to be impressed with High Couture…

    I once bought a Vogue magazine to look at on an airplane. I found it utterly boring and a huge waste of money! WHY do they dress the models like that? Where is the talent in creating clothing that is so expensive and impractical that no one wears it? From what I understand, the Couture clothes give “lesser” designers their ideas, and those “lesser” designers make the Couture fit for the average woman/man. If you ask me a few things from that line of thought could have been better left on the runway or better still, on the drawing board. Like mini-skirts, tube tops and bikinis. I could live without any of those!

    mrs. Meg Logan

  4. Good blog about important but often neglected issues of Christian living. For sure, comtemporary Christendom will really need to redeem its testimony amongst the unbelieving world. And it all begins with a few good men (and women :)) who cares about what God has to say.

    Thanks for your insights and contributions in your excellent blog.

    yours sincerely,
    Vincent Chia

  5. I get that you are following god, so as god would do; dont jugde them because you don’t know them. Are you only bagging fashion because you want to hide something about yourself? We just get to honor the space of others and know that everybody is learning the perfect universal lesson.

  6. Can you give me positive things that are coming out of the high fashion industry? From what I see, it’s a self serving industry now more concerned by getting itself approved with its peers than actually making a difference with people.

    I’m called to be careful in judging, for with what manner I judge I will be judged, but I’m also called to let people know the truth. Looking through what they see to see the real problem.

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