April 20, 2021

The Government’s Invisible Agents

English: The figure shows the comparitive wave...
English: The figure shows the comparitive wavelengths of three frequencies of visible light – Red, Green and Blue. The wavelengths used are 750, 550 and 450 nm respectively. I generated the figure myself, originally with Microsoft Excel and finally with some manual tidying of the SVG. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So here’s a scary idea. A scientist believes that it may soon be possible to make a person invisible. In fact, he says it’s much like the Invisible Woman of Marvel Comics. I’m not kidding you! He thinks that one of the discoveries that is coming up in the near future that first will take the shape of bending radar and electromagnetic waves. These metamaterials, as he calls them, could eventually lead to the ability to bend light around an object or person. You would see the light from behind them.

One wonders what kinds of different uses these materials would have:

  • It would make a great party gag for a surprise party.
  • It would be useful for Private Investigators trying to get close to a person to keep tabs on them.
  • It would be useful for Police or SWAT teams that could get people out of hostage situations.
  • It would be useful for the government to spy on what’s going on in your homes (provided they waited until you opened a door.)

The last one is why (besides the science) I doubt this thing– if it is ever invented– will ever be revealed. It would be useful in combat, but the privacy crowd would never want it used here. I can’t say that I blame them!

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