April 21, 2021

Why Not Stick with a Simple Proposal?

Wedding ProposalWhen my brother went to propose to my future sister-in-law a few months ago he had a problem. You see, his bride-to-be watches those TLC shows about proposals and weddings and she had quite the imagination about what his proposal would be like.

For me, I just went for the element of surprise on a night we were already going out. I had the ring picked out for some time, I showed up at her apartment after work, got down on one knee and asked her to marry me. She accepted, and we went out to eat. So I wasn’t that romantic then, I guess.

I don’t think either of us could top Adam Sutton, though. You see, he had a great idea. He and Erika Brussee were supposed to go to the movies, but he took his date to the airport. Family were going to hold up a sign popping the question, but as they flew by on a chartered flight the unthinkable happened. The airplane stalled and crashed on the tarmac.

The couple were not seriously hurt, Mike Mathews, airport manager at Richard B. Russell Regional Airport, told Reuters on Monday.

Brussee finally said “yes” to the proposal in the ambulance, Mathews said, but Sutton wasn’t able to give her the ring. Only the ring’s box could be found after the crash.

The plane’s pilot was knocked unconscious by the crash and Sutton had to pull him from the plane.

So, let this be a lesson to all you men out there: If you get too creative, you may wind up in the hospital! (But at least you’ll have some story to tell the children and grandchildren!)

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10 thoughts on “Why Not Stick with a Simple Proposal?

  1. People these days get far too caught up in “the process” of a wedding and engagement with the mentality of the bigger the better. As if he who has the most elaborate wedding/engagement has the best relationship. Maybe thats why divorce rates are so high…..

  2. Are you implying that relationships/weddings are all “flash in the pan” with no substance? I have to look big because there’s not much else to the relationship? That’s an interesting hypothesis.

    I would also argue that these shows that build up all of these birthing / wedding / engaging have all done something to making us more jealous of other’s life events or expecting more from our events than should be expected.

  3. I guess i’m implying that you lose track of whats more important. Its like the golden calf. You get so caught up in the glitz and glam that you forget the importance behind it because what you have right in front of you is so pretty and elaborate. I’m not entirely sure that its actively weakening marriages or relationships, but it certainly isnt helping.

    If stars don’t have big glamorous weddings it just doesnt make sense to us. They are rich so they have to spend millions right? Well we’ve seen time and time again how successful those are.

  4. I think you have a point. I think that people have made the actually ceremony the focus– the end of the happily ever after story. Sine there’s so much emotion already wrapped up in the relationship (it’s been shown that the emotional phase of a relationship can last 3 to 5 years) that it can be more of something covering a problem than being a celebration of what the couple’s entering.

  5. I proposed to my wife during the Sales Challenge Finals in my Dale Carnegie course. I used her as an example customer and when she objected to my sales pitch, I got down on one knee and said, “would you buy if I asked you to marry me?” Then I pulled out the ring.

    I did have to sacrifice, though. I had to agree ahead of time to forfiet the competition because it wouldn’t be fair to the other finalist.

  6. I proposed upon Westminster Bridge on New Year’s eve 1989.

    Ten years later we went back to a private function room in St Thomas’ hospital (overlooking Westminster bridge and the houses of parliament), and the government were kind enough to lay on a special all day event and fireworks party at midnight in honour of our anniversary. (At least I think that was why they did it!) 🙂

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