April 16, 2021

Another Victim of the Culture of Sex

You hear it everywhere– people saying that sex is fine between consenting individuals, that it’s something that just happens and is expected at colleges. Movies are made (not even “adult” ones) that glorify the college party lifestyle which includes sex, drugs and rock-n-roll.

The problem is that this lifestyle is destructive, and can lead to problems that will last with you for a whole lifetime. The woman might become pregnant– do you abort and have the lifetime baggage of ending a life? Do you raise the child and have the responsibility for another life while still young? Do you get married? child support? adoption?

Or, you end up like these two men, accused of having sex with an 11-year-old. It could have been up to ten men that physically assaulted this girl in an apartment in Fresno, California. She went to visit friends, and ended up getting sexually assaulted. You cannot tell me that an 11-year-old can consent to sex.

What I can tell you, though, is that it’s not complicated for a man to go from a party and sex lifestyle (glamorized by the popular culture) to end up raping a young girl multiple times– regardless of what they say about thinking that she was older.

They weren’t thinking at all. If they were thinking, they would have left this girl alone. If they were thinking, they would have never unzipped their pants (sorry for the crudeness– but you get my point). There was no reason for this action other than selfishness, lust, and lack of self control. But this is what we promote in this culture.

How many more young ladies or men have to be violated (physically, emotionally, visually) before we get the point and say “enough is enough”?

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4 thoughts on “Another Victim of the Culture of Sex

  1. Call me crazy, but I just don’t see the link between a “sex lifestyle” and thinking its ok to sexually assault an 11 year old girl. It sounds like yet another case of people with pre-dispositions to this sort of thing acting on their behaviors. They claimed “she looked tall and mature” is however they choose to justify their actions. At least they didn’t take the vogue route of it blaming it on movies, tv and videogames.

    While I think our sexed up culture can (and does) lead to being desensitized to this sort of thing, actually doing heinous acts such as raping an 11 year old or going on a shooting rampage in your high school is still reserved for those who quite simply have mental problems to some degree.

  2. I think the point is that they were not thinking– which precisely what’s happening more and more often. Unfortunately we do not know if the men were impaired in any way, but these guys were not thinking about anything except, perhaps, themselves.

  3. Flash, it has come to the end!

    Perversions run rampant. Apostacy is rampant.

    I think it is the end! It must be soon, please let it be soon, i cant stand to see it get much worse…


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