April 16, 2021

Children Learn By Example

If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a bunch of times (if not the exact words, than the concept). My Pastor really wants me to get the message behind Amy’s recent post in response to how to instill character in your children. It’s something that I’m seeing in my life. You think that you can control everything through discipline and rules, but you continue to see that the key is not so much in them, but in yourself.

Going back to the Old Testament, you can see that God gave 600+ laws to the children of Israel, but that failed to keep them on the right path– God had to constantly correct them. He gave them plenty of guidelines and rules about how He wanted to be worshipped and what right living looked like. It didn’t work, did it.

We as parents can get sucked into the trap of thinking that rules and discipline can get our child to do what’s right– and then we wonder when they grow up why they rebel and why they don’t seem to have that passion for God.

What’s the secret? Our example. If we truly love the Lord, do we show it? If we have a passion for sports, it gets into every conversation– shouldn’t the same be said about our God? Or is He just something we do on Sundays?

One of the most important lessons of the New Testament is that it was not enough to do the law– if that were possible. It has to be a heart changed by believing on Christ. It’s the Holy Spirit coming to dwell in the person. It’s the beginning of a relationship with the Lord of the Universe.

If we live a change heart– if we get the “veritcal” correct– then our children will grow up wanting that passion for God. I would dare say that those around us would see it and want it too. Living out our faith is a far more powerful tool than we care to acknowledge– because it is impossible without His power.

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4 thoughts on “Children Learn By Example

  1. Hey, MInTheGap, my blog about Little Girls is ready if you still want it here. I’ve registered, but am unsure of the procedure to post. Email me, if you want…and thanks for the invite!

  2. Hmm, very good. We are heart focused here, but I will say, even keeping that in the forefront of our minds we so often miss. You mention how God ought to be part of our conversation. Why isn’t He part of most of mine?? I think about Him alot, I pray alot, I read the Word… why don’t I talk about Him? I don’t understand myself. I mean I LOVE to talk about God with people, but when it comes to talking about Him with my kids… hmm, I don’t know what to say. I am making an effort to read the Bible to my kids when we sit down for a meal together. I think that will be helpful to get Him to the front of our conversations.

    Mrs Meg Logan

  3. Part of it must be that we are used to discussing God with people when they are part of the conversation, but it’s different when we have a core that we are working from and have to actually talk about things that we already know and “take for granted.” Good input there, Mrs. Meg Logan! 🙂

  4. ah a good point. I really want to write a book or curriculum about this sort of thing for parents. Better it right myself first! LOL.


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