May 16, 2021

We Need to Declare an Epidemic

What started out as an occurance that many marvelled at– how a grown, married woman who was a teacher in a school could fall in love and have an extramarital affair with a boy– is shown to be much bigger than originally believed.

The latest case getting attention is that of Laura L. Findlay. This woman plead guilty to 22 counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct with a person younger than 16. This woman took advantage of boys in her classes and used that to satisfy her physically. She faces at least seven years in prison at sentencing in August.

What is going on in our (meaning the public’s) schools? It would be hysterical if it weren’t so tragic! The very people that we trust us to aid in helping our kids to learn what they will need for adulthood are instead teaching them and initiating them into adulthood in a different way– with emotional and physical scars that are lasting.

It’s become quite the thing to list all the women that have taken advantage of boys– because the list is lengthy. I found one of these lists looking for a picture of Ms. Findlay. It boggles the mind!

The frequency and prevalence of these things hit home recently though. I heard on the radio that a local woman was caught with some local boys. Nothing brings it home like it happening in your area.

I’m alarmed and appauled that we seem to complain about the qualifications for teachers are as far as education, but we’re somehow missing the fact that there are woman predators (and some men) being left to lead and teach our children. It shouldn’t surprise me, though, because when there is no moral standard– or the standard is removed– it is easier for wrong activities to take place in a place that parents trust.

Are you homeschooling yet?

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