April 22, 2021

Things Have a Habit of Coming Back into Style

Usually with a title like that you think bell bottoms or something in fashion that comes back around, but in this case, I would like to have us take notice of the other things that seem to be coming back around as a way to examine Solomon’s wisdom that says there is nothing new under the sun.

First, let’s take where we work. In the olden days, people lived apart, with land surrounding them because they needed it to live. Then, cities were built where goods were brought in for sale. Then we moved back out into the country for space. Then we became industrialized, and packed people in so they could work. Now we have communications equipment and people working from home and far off places that meet on a regular basis to converse.

Then let’s look at health care. First we had doctors that made house calls. Then we had hospitals all over the place. Now we have Urgent Care Centers and hospitals and clinics. In some places we have people now having treatment done at home or in a home community. Get ready for doctors making house calls again soon.

Everything truly is cyclical. Solomon had people pretty well figured out.

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