April 17, 2021

New Children’s Clothing Line?

I feel like a fashion journalist. First an article on women’s clothing, now on children’s clothing from a place called pimpfants. The gimmick? Take our young children and place logos on them to glorify pimping– because it’s the in thing, you know.

This reminds me of the whole fashion design that is now the norm, but caused problems for parents a few years ago– the “juicy” on the bottoms of girl’s shorts. Now we’re dressing children in onesies (1Zs on this site) and other “beaters” that bear slogans that reference four letter words (like the one on the right). You can get this great t-shirt remarking on your mother’s sex appeal in black, pink, blue or white– how nice.

What does this teach children? That these terms are fun, no negative connotation. I bet the real pimps get a kick out of this, and should contribute some money to these companies because they’re doing a lot for the slime balls to hide the sin they commit and mainstream them.

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One thought on “New Children’s Clothing Line?

  1. Okay, I must be dense but I have no idea what M.I.L.F stands for and I really don’t want to know. But I know one thing for sure, my boys would not be wearing anything like this type of t-shirt if they want to live in my house.

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