April 16, 2021

Tony Snow – Press Secretary

So, by now you’ve had time to digest Tony Snow being the next Press Secretary, and the press has had time to discuss it. The headline of this yahoo article has even changed. It used to read “Fox News host to be named White House Spokesman” and it now reads ” New Bush Spokesman Not Blind to Boss’ Flaws.” They are all playing up the fact that Snow has had his differences in print.

How much input does the Press Secretary have, anyway? Bush even said as much when he said that it’s up to the President to make the decision and Tony to explain it. So, does he have input? This MSNBC Article says:

Snow, who in his roles as a pundit on Fox News and elsewhere has rapped
Bush on several occasions, joined the White House only after extracting
a promise that he would become an adviser to the president on
day-to-day strategy. If Bush and his team follow through on that
commitment, the former columnist will be the first outsider to become
part of Bush’s revamped inner circle.

I really like Tony, and I hope he can make a difference– I just don’t know that this is an influential a post as it could be!

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