April 16, 2021

Whose Children are They?

So, in the latest of the State claiming that they own our children, a mother takes a picture of a father kissing a naked child’s bellybutton.  Probably after getting him out of the tub or something. They take the roll of film to be developed, and the developers turn the roll of film into the police.  Here’s where it gets scary.  The police arrest the parents, place the child in foster care and give the other child to her biological dad.  The mother gets out on bond, but isn’t allowed to see her children for months.  The father was in jail six months!  Eventually, an expert comes in and says there was no criminal intent and the charges were dropped and the family reunited.

Does this sound like the America you live in?  I’ve blown on my kid’s bare tummy before, should that warrant jail time?  Six months their kids are raised by strangers?!  I should think the state should pay this couple money, and official apology.  How about the trauma done to those children seeing their parents go to jail, or the whole trauma for the little one in being forced into a new home temporarily all because of someone’s interpretation of a picture!  Shouldn’t all of the work been done before they took them away?  Could they have not gotten the expert first and told the family not to leave the area?  Why take the kids away and throw them in prison.

This should scare parents.

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