June 17, 2021

Something to Think About

Next time you’re stuck reading through the kings or genealogies in the Old Testament, think about the fact that these people’s names are recorded for all time.  Think about how the things that are mentioned
about them is all we know.  Then think about what God would have recorded about you for all time…  Humbling thought, eh?  Would we be one that did right?  Whose heart was perfect?  What would He say?

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2 thoughts on “Something to Think About

  1. *ponders* yeah. i’ve been trying to read thru the Old Testament for over a year, (I’m finally in Obadiah… after two years)and i have often wondered about that. I like what ‘frenzy said, “Their righteousness is of me, saith the Lord.” That’s my verse… i know that if God wrote about my life, He’s hafta say i messed up a lot, BUT i’m covered by Jesus’ blood, and my heart is after Him. thnx for bringing that up! It made me think…

  2. That’s a very humbling thought MIn. Just as we blog about our daily adventures and thoughts on the web, God also knows all of what we’ve done and takes note. Thankfully, for those times I’ve fallen short, my Advocate, my Savior- Jesus Christ stands before the Father on my behalf, and He’s just and gracious to see me as an adopted son. That God would send His only Son to cover me in righteousness in those down times is truly humbling and mind blowing.

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