April 16, 2021

Crazy Friday (Multiple Posts– My Comments on Multiple Articles 3)

Kevin Mccullough’s article touches on a recent study done of Christian school boys.  In this study, they survey found that “Three quarters of Christian pupils said it was wrong to have sex before the legal age of consent at 16, compared with 29 per cent of other teenagers.”

This shows that education does cause a difference, and the difference is different than what we’ve always been told: mainly, that assuming that it’s “just something that they are going to do” isn’t correct and actually becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Kevin talks about a girl that he was talking on a long trip, and she asked why someone should wait.  He talked about the risks of disease and that the only way to avoid it was abstinence.  I would add that the most important reason to me is that God said so.  But also, it is easier to stay away from something like that if one never does it or plays with doing it than it is once you start!

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