May 16, 2021

Swift Boat Controversy

In my opinion it looks as if Kerry is going to be plagued by flip flops for the entire campaign.  Let alone the fact that he can’t get straight when (if ever) he was in Cambodia, now there’s a new Swift Boat ad!  This ad is hard to refute, for even Senator John McCain of Arizona said that the things that Kerry and the other Anti-Vietnam crusaders were saying was used in their torture in the POW camps.

Will this hurt him in the long run?  It can wear away at those that believe in him– but is this election really about those that believe in John Kerry and his plans?  I haven’t really heard many plans that he has, and many of them hardly differ from Bush.  No, it seems that this election is more about President George W. Bush and whether you like him.  What will these people who hate him so do when they find out that they’ve put into office someone as two-faced as Kerry (if he manages to get there)?

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One thought on “Swift Boat Controversy

  1. At first I had my reservations about the Swift Boat Vet’s claims. But more and more, I’m starting to really believe there’s something there the Senator’s camp doesn’t want anyone to believe.

    There was a story today on Kevin McCullough’s page ( about Barnes and Noble possibly censoring the Unfit for Command book.

    Other than the Washington Post’s half hearted attempt to refute these veterans yesterday, the major media still haven’t yet looked into this, giving the job to the Kerry campaign. So far, I think they haven’t done a very good job of it! The more this continues on, I think the more the Senator will have to be on the defensive. That is not a good place to be in his position. But let’s face it, he made his service the foundation of his bif for Presidency and people are calling him on it.

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