March 29, 2023

Google knows Hate

In the news the past couple days has been a dialog between Google and a Christian organization that wanted to run side ads based on some search criteria.

The Christian group wanted to display ads helping homosexuals and commented that homosexuality was a sin. It’s now come out that Google will allow pornography links and other types of hate links, it’s just things that are saying homosexuality is wrong that it will boycott. Google has the right to block any ads it wants– this is a free country. Obviously there’s more profit in porno ads than Christian ones. We also have the option of not using or buying Google’s stock too as our right. And we can voice our displeasure. What do you think?

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5 thoughts on “Google knows Hate

  1. MIn, I’m familiar w/Stand To Reason, I’ve used their site for many apologetic resources and they tell the truth from a (mostly) Biblical perspective.

    I think you’ve hit the nail on the head by saying economics has something to do with this. Personally, I don’t use Google. The closest I’ve come to using their service was when I was interested in getting the GMail accounts. But this story certainly makes me think twice of going back. Thank you for posting this, I wasn’t aware of their selective practices in choosing which ad they will allow. As a Christian, I try not to patronize those who are accomodating of everything under the sun except for Christianity.

    Would an add denouncing cigarette smokers be considered hate speech according to their criteria?

  2. I believe that is their motto, but I believe that I’ve heard that it’s something to make them look good– not what they are in practice (says the guy who’s running Google Adsense ads on his site).

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