April 17, 2021

How to Act Around Girls

Frustrated It’s the age old problem that every boy faces… Attempting to understand girls. Why do they think the way that they do? Does she like me? Why is she so frustrating!?

Key to understanding this problem is the fact that young adults are not necessarily aware of what attracts people to each other. They hear a lot about “love” and “destiny” but they don’t hear a lot about “what attracts one person to another”– or if they do they can be manipulative which is a whole other problem.

Heather Paulsen has some advice for teen guys that want to keep pure relationships:

  1. Realize that girls will believe how you ACT, not what you say.
  2. Think about your future wife.
  3. Treat all girls equally.
  4. Invest your energy in your other guy friends.

These are really good points. #3 and #1 go hand in hand– if you don’t treat any girl as special, then they will understand that you are not treating them any differently.

The last one is definitely something to be aware of, because it can be easy at times to talk to lots of girls rather than guys– just look at a lot of guys AIM buddy lists and I think you’ll see this to be true. We need to be forming appropriate relationships, no matter our age.

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