May 8, 2021

WP Text Ads

WP Text AdsSome of you may have noticed the new links under the subscription box on the right hand sidebar.  These ads are paid for ads using the WordPress Plugin WP Text Ads.  Basically, the writer of this plugin has designed an entire interface where someone can place an ad on your homepage, the entire site, or a single page.

All you have to do is click on the “Buy a Text Link Ad” on the sidebar.  A separate window appears and shows you the rates for an ad for different durations (completely configurable by the admin.

The neat thing is that the admin interface shows you e-mail templates that are automatically sent out, it moves the ad through different stages (submitted, approved, paid, expiring, etc.) and e-mails are sent out appropriately.  There’s even a place to enter your PayPal e-mail address for payment.

If you want to put an ad on an individual page, you simply go to the page that you want to advertise on and click the same link.  You’ll find that the page now has a set of prices and durations for the given page.

The free version allows you two links per each set (entire site, home page, every post).  After you pay a registration fee you get unlimited ads.  You can also register for a marketplace where advertisers can find you.

How does this compare with AdSense, PayPerPost, etc? 

Simply, you get all the advertising dollars instead of some going to some other player.

What kind of standards are you going to have?

This is actually nicer, because I can accept or reject any submission and I’m not at the whim of Google to give me a good match.  I already rejected one of the submissions because it would not fit with this site.

You’re a Sell Out

I’m on the web primarily to share what I have to say, but at the same time I am a husband and a father and providing my posts takes time (as anyone who does this knows).  Advertising allows me to keep doing this while providing benefits to my family.  It also does not distract from the content– and with WP Text Ads I have complete control over what gets linked and what does not.

Anything Free?

Sure, from now until next Wednesday (9-19-2007) if you want to put your link on any page, it’ll be free for 30 days as a special promotional.

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2 thoughts on “WP Text Ads

  1. Very cool. I use to have the Google Ad, but when the site redesign never added it back. I’ll have to look into the WP Ads

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