April 18, 2021

Archeologists Find Biblical Waterworks in Israel

Biblical Waterworks - ReutersArcheologists are continually amazed by what they can find in the Middle East. It’s interesting that there is so much evidence that God left to prove His word true. The latest discovery is of a waterworks in Israel before 539 BC.

I always get a smile on my face as people marvel at what those in ancient times were able to construct simply because they tend to believe that man was primitive and got smarter, and it seems that it is just the opposite:

[I]t was the Persians, who took control of the region around 539 BC from the Babylonians, who renovated the water system and turned it into a thing of beauty.

Lipschits [, the lead archeologist,] said they added small waterfalls to try to turn a desert into a paradise.

“Imagine on this land plants and water rushing and streaming here,” Lipschits said. “This was important to someone who finds aesthetics important, for someone who wanted to feel as though they are not just in some remote corner in the desert.”

Yuval Gadot, a biblical archaeology expert from Tel Aviv University who is taking part in the excavation, said it was unclear exactly how the water system worked.

“Probably rainwater came down on the roof of the houses (in the palace complex),” he said. “From there, it was collected by drains into pools or to the underground reservoir and taken to nearby fields for crops or nice gardens.”

It’s pretty amazing the conservation and ingenuity of these people– that they were able to create gardens in the desert. When you start to look back at the pyramids, the Hanging Gardens, and the like you really start to appreciate the fact that there was a lot of construction know-how even with the tools at their disposal, and you wonder just how advanced civilization was and how far we have fallen. I mean, God actually did something about people who believed that they could build a tower to Heaven, and His comment was that there was nothing that they wouldn’t be able to do so He confused the languages.

As I’ve stated somewhere before, I believe we have lost a lot over the centuries because we now think we know things and have place our trust in our knowledge instead of God.

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5 thoughts on “Archeologists Find Biblical Waterworks in Israel

  1. I’m smiling with you…I just love stories like this. I bet we’d be amazed at all the capabilities of the pre-flood civilization. It’s not mentioned much in the Bible, but you know that the advanced quality of their food and environment and their long life spans had to be equaled by their brain capacity.
    It’d be fascinating to know more details about that time period, other than the fact that they were so wicked.

  2. This is kinda left wing, but i wonder if tht is where the concept of Atlantis is from, pre-flood?? Im not claiming there WAS an Atlantis, but the rumors of it might place it before the flood… with intelligent humans! LOL….

    Mrs Meg Logan

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