May 10, 2021

Do We Really Want God’s Leading?

The commentary I’m reading in Psalms brought a point home again as I read it last night– one that we need to continue to hit as we try to be on God’s side. The Author was saying that in Psalm 25 David really wanted God’s leading. It was a time in his life that Absolom had usurped authority and David knew that his sin with Bathsheba was taking its toll on the rest of the kingdom. David begged for God’s leading.

The commentary author went on to say that it wasn’t the way we usually ask for God’s will– which is wanting His will to bend to ours. It’s a derivative of what MicahGirl said in yesterday’s post. We need to take the next step– not to be content with knowing and it being empty, but walk into doing and having the heart attitude that will take us to the next step. Through prayer and a change of life we will know God’s leading– if that’s what we truly want.

David knew that he was lost without God’s leading. He saw what happened when God’s plan wasn’t followed. He was desparate to follow God’s will.

We’re only as filled with the Spirit as we truly want to be.

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