June 15, 2021

Whatever Happened to Life, Liberty and Property?

Michelle Malkin documents the latest Supreme Court ruling and what other bloggers have to say about it.  In fact, I find this ruling extremely scary.

My father always made the argument that you do not own your own land since you pay property taxes to the state.  His argument is basically that if the government can take your home away from you because you don’t pay taxes and sell it at auction, how can the land possibly be yours– you’re just a renter.

Now we’ve taken the next step.  Not only can they take your house because you didn’t pay taxes, but if
the city decides that a new supermarket would make them more money than your house (or church!), they can authorized that your place be taken via eminent domain, and then put up the latest store to get money.  This is especially scary for churches, since the land they sit on is tax exempt, and is definitely making less money than supermarkets.

Just having read through the Levitical law a few months back, you can see the importance placed on owning your own land.  The Jewish people were guaranteed their land and that land would be given back to them.

Having purchased a home in the past, you look at the deed and the fact that you have to do a title search to see if someone has claim through inheritance to the land you can see that the founders definitely put a high price on people owning and having their own land.

This ruling is a slap in the face to all of that.

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