July 1, 2022

The Right Needs to Make a Homeschooler Month

Photo by Jenny Erickson from FreeImages

Pride Month is all about bringing attention to people that have sexual deviancies from the standard homosexual life experience. They are deviant from the norm because male and female sexual activity is all about having offspring. It’s God’s design and in Genesis 1 He said to be fruitful and multiply.

However, we’re now hearing that it’s not just about that– it’s about people that feel that they are left out of society. That they can’t have their special relationships recognized, can’t have other people’s children, etc. It’s become about recognizing those that don’t get the full benefit of the government.

To that I say, it’s time to have a Homeschooler month. I mean, homeschoolers pay school taxes to fund an education that they can’t access. In many states…

  • They pay for books that they cannot access
  • They are not allowed to play on sports teams they pay for
  • They aren’t allowed to go on field trips with public schoolers
  • They aren’t able to use facilities that they pay for

Homeschoolers in society are looked at like they are mistreating their children, when studies show that many of them do well in college, are more involved in their community, and are better citizens than their public school peers.

If we can celebrate sexual deviancy, encourage parades in the streets with “kinks” on display and men dressed up as women reading stories to our children… I think it’s high time that we start celebrating normal people that are good citizens that go the extra mile.

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