June 2, 2023

Marriage is a Sign Post To Heaven

It seems like, in life, we’re always looking toward the next big thing. The young man and woman look toward marriage and starting a family. The older man and woman look toward grandkids, retirement, and then their Heavenly home.

When Jesus met up with the Saducees in the Gospels, these poor souls did not believe that there was an afterlife– no life after death. That’s why they were Sad-U-See. So, to test Jesus, they give him a hypothetical.

They take their turn at giving a parable, where a woman ends up being married to different brothers because each one dies without providing a child with the woman. They then ask Jesus whose wife she is in the resurrection.

Of course, Jesus takes them in an entirely different direction…

Jesus knows that the Sadducees he’s speaking to do not believe in a resurrection, and in a way, their very misunderstanding of what Jesus believes about marriage betrays their disbelief. The Sadducees, like so many others then and today who don’t believe in Jesus, think this is all there is. Nothing comes after death. You die and that’s it. They do not think on the scale of eternity. That God is endless and therefore life is endless. That when God created the world, not even the fall of mankind and the sin unleashed into the world through it and the brokenness of the earth contracted by it, can thwart God’s purposes. Sin will not have the last word when it comes to even creation. What God made good, and man trashed, he is going to remake.

The Gifts of This Age Point Us to the Age Still to Come

The point is that marriage isn’t an end to itself. Just like believers no longer are bound to follow the law in its regulation of foods and feast days that pointed to Jesus, there will also be other created constructs that we now engage in that point us to Heaven that we will no longer be necessary in the Heavenly Kingdom.

Heaven was always the plan. It was always the destination– to worship, love and serve God forever.

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