May 30, 2023

Understanding the Taliban

With the reemergence of the Taliban, it’s easy to think of them as terrorists or killers– and they do both. It’s fashionable to not go any further than that, but there are a few things it would be wise to know. Like, do you know what Taliban means?

Taliban is a term from the Pashto language that means “students” or “seekers.” The original Taliban was a movement of religious students (talibs) from the Pashtun areas of eastern and southern Afghanistan who had been educated in traditional Islamic schools in Pakistan.

9 Things You Should Know About the Taliban

Knowing what motivates your enemies, understanding other cultures, is a positive thing. People have things that motivate them, and it’s important that we understand this in order to know how to pray.

They use Islam for a way to control people, and there are certainly strong adherents to the tenets they believe among them. The way the order their society fits what they understand about their world and their god. They are living out what they think is right. And it’s not a very good testimony that “Christian America” brings to their land all the filth that it has– abortion, sexual perversion, excess, etc.

Even now we condemn them for what they might or will do to women, but look at what Western America has done! At the same time this is happening, there are American women whining that they will no longer be able to sell sex on a particular website and may have to go back to stripping.

I’ll probably have to go back to the club. I’ve been paying my own bills since I was 18, and I also support my boyfriend. I’m scared to strip again because I’m not that healthy. I have a lot of chronic pain. I was just diagnosed with asthma today, so trying to do aerial stunts is not going to be easy. I’ll have to bedazzle my inhaler and take it to work. I don’t think I’m going to be able to do eight hours in heels….

“We instantly recognize the financial despair and destruction this will cause our community. We brace ourselves for the crisis this will likely cause.”

Both societies have sin problems. Sin before a holy God is vile, and what we have done to our women is worse than putting them in head to toe burkas and having them stay home with their families.

The biggest difference that I can see is that the Taliban will force people to do things where America is technically not forcing anyone to this behavior. Just using peer pressure and using glorification of this behavior to normalize and make it acceptable.

We protect what we value.

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