June 30, 2022

Democrats Continue Their Attempts At Federal Control of State Elections

Since Nancy Pelosi took over the house, the Democrats have been behaving like they believe that they have to lock in their rules in order to win elections. They are certainly not behaving like the 2020 election was the most valid one ever, but are behaving like they barely won, or that they have something to hide.

Otherwise, why are they seeking to intrude on the states being able to pass their own laws regarding how elections are held– just like they did in the run up to the 2020 Presidential election?

However, it doesn’t look like the measure will pass. The Republicans know what is at stake, and are standing by state’s rights for now, and the compromises from Joe Manchin, D-WV, seem likely to fail as Democrats are loathe to consider Voter-ID requirements, and the Republicans won’t believe that they will actually mean anything.

Into this, wades former President Barack Obama:

Barack Obama has backed conservative West Virginia Democratic senator Joe Manchin’s voting rights proposal, calling it a “product of compromise” as the landmark legislation struggles towards a crucial vote in the US Senate on Tuesday.

The former US president weighed in, as did his wife and former first lady, Michelle Obama, decrying Republican efforts in many statehouses across the country to bring in new laws that restrict voting, and urging Congress to pass federal legislation “before it’s too late”.

Obama backs Manchin’s voting rights compromise before crucial Senate vote

My feel? This isn’t going to pass.

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