June 20, 2021

Have You Noticed the Price at the Pump?

I don’t know about you, but the price in my area has gone up ever since President Biden took office, and I don’t expect it to go down any time soon.

With him stopping the Keystone XL pipeline, designating the Federal fleet as electric, and the penchant for looking at foreign sources of oil rather than domestic, I think we’re going to be seeing increases for at least the near future. Add to it the ice storms in Florida, and there you go.

Since Election Day, gas and crude oil prices have jumped. In the United States, gas prices are up 18% and oil nearly 50%.

Said another industry expert, “In four years, we had made the U.S. energy independent and denied the bad guys the ability to control global oil prices. The Democrats undo it in two weeks. Just incredible.”

Many of Biden’s first moves were directed at radically cutting the chances for further global warming. Several will kill jobs.

Every department has been ordered to factor climate change into their moves. In addition, he suspended new drilling leases on federal lands, restricted U.S funds in worldwide carbon energy programs, eliminated “fossil fuel subsidies,” stopped the Keystone XL oil pipeline construction, and slapped a moratorium on federal leases in Arctic Wildlife Refuge.

Elections Have Consequences – Gas Prices Expected to Top $4/gal Next Year quoting from Washington Examiner

Of course, this is a more right wing assessment, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see it in the $3.00 range by the end of the year easily.

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