May 9, 2021

The MSM Will Be Oblivious To Biden Administration Hypocrisy Until…

… it is time to anoint Vice President Harris as the next President. The photo at right was taken at the Lincoln Memorial on the night of the Inauguration after President Biden got done signing seventeen executive orders((Did Q do this too? Just kidding.)). One of these orders was to enforce mask-wearing on all federal properties– of which the Lincoln Memorial is one such place.

Now, who wants a photo of such a great event to be taken with all your features covered? Certainly not our new President and his family after celebrating their victory and a life long desire of their father. But that’s just the thing, there are many people that believe that they have a good reason, are taking safety serious, or good precautions, but they will face prosecution should they attempt to get a photo like this.

Picture this: You’re on a once and a lifetime trip to DC and you want to take a picture at the Lincoln Memorial to remember your time there. Do you think that Capitol Police will let you do it mask-less?

When asked about this, the new Press Secretary, who has promised not to lie to the press, said this:

Exactly as I said. It was an historic day, and we have bigger things to worry about than whether the leader of the free world who has told everyone to mask for 100 days will lead by example.

Don’t get me wrong. I think President Biden and his family should have been able to take this memorable picture. I also think that the family visiting should be as well. President Biden should know the optics of this and should have either made sure this was a private photo or had his family have masks on to make a point.

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