June 23, 2021

Will Homeschooling Outlive the Pandemic?

Probably. I mean, it was around before the pandemic.

There are two big picture challenges that homeschoolers will face after COVID-19 allows everyone to go back to school that they didn’t face prior to the pandemic. One of these is shared with Christian schooling.

Can you guess what they are?

Everyone Thinks They Understand Homeschooling Now

Before the pandemic, a homeschooling parent might hear someone say, “I don’t know how you do it” or just marvel that you could teach your own children. This is because most of the world has two income families because of their debt load and the consumerist “American Dream.”

When COVID-19 forced many people to have their kids at home, they began to think that they were all homeschoolers now. That the normal homeschool experience is having a school teacher try to teach the same class-load through technology, putting together the same assignments on the fly. It was still outsourcing the education of the children, just doing it from home and doing it poorly.

Many parents will now think that, if I’ve seen how poor of an education my Johnny and Susie got during COVID-19, homeschooling must not work. It’s an anecdotal argument just waiting to be picked up and exploited.

Homeschooling has looked different for every family for as long as it has been around. Some focus on practical aspects, some look like the classroom. All require more sacrifices than buying a laptop and raising the bandwidth to your home. Most people choose homeschooling as a calling and invest accordingly. That’s different than those that had it thrust upon them.

Homeschooling and Christian Schooling Are Radicalizing Children

At a foundational level, all education is indoctrination: the question is, whose doctrine? The left is now concerned that “the insurrectionists” were indoctrinated in homeschools, Christian churches, and schools, and bathed in the idea of martyrdom, so these forms of education should be eliminated.

Reading this, you’d think that homeschoolers and Christian schoolers are the next ones to take up the cause of Christian jihad! This is also absurd. These people are using anecdotal evidence (if it is real) to paint a broad brush over all churches, Christian schools and homeschoolers. This is very dangerous conversation that will be fine until those that wield it are the targets.

The only think that will make homeschooling not survive COVID-19 is cancel culture. Amazing what is happening to the “land of the free and the home of the brave.”

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