June 17, 2021

How is It That Biden Underperforms Everywhere Except the Metro Areas in Battleground States?

That’s certainly a question that we’re going to see being brought up everywhere. At the right is the source– Rasmussen Report’s Twitter Feed repeated the Gatewway Pundit and saying that the places that he had to win were the only places that he over performed, which are all the places with shenanigans feared, and they all exceeded the number of registered voters in these areas. (Hat Tip: Vox Day)

And then there’s allegations that the mob might be involved:

[A]n associate says that Merlino might just be willing to flip on Joe Biden and the Pennsylvania political operatives who ordered up some 300,000 election ballots marked for Biden.  The source alleges that Merlino and a lean team of associates manufactured those ballots at a rate of $10 per ballot — a whopping $3 million for three days of work.  They were then packaged into non-descript cardboard boxes and dropped off outside the Philadelphia Convention Center.

EXCLUSIVE: How a Philly mob boss stole the election — and why he may flip on Joe Biden

The above source is questionable, but it’s one of those things that are going around, and while I appreciate the laundry list of “things that could happen” I believe that we’ll need concrete evidence that shows up in court that states actual things happened in order to really move things for Trump. Trump needs to up his persuasion game as well as get at least one state to flip. That would probably be enough.

Do you think, like Scott Adams said on his podcast, that Trump could prove he won, and then concede? Would that just make him stronger?

UPDATED to say that Buffalo Chronicle is a suspicious source.

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