June 17, 2021

Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming

Q has been saying that catch phrase for quite some time, but on October 31, he claimed that it was more than a catch phase. Yesterday, Q returned, after not posting since election day, to say that the other meaning had to do with the initials of the letters above– NCSWIC.

Q explained that these initials map to a government agency that is tracking election integrity, and that one of the members recently had a forced resignation– Ben S Ware.

Q implies that more people from this group will be forced to resign and that this is the path things had to take in order to get voter ID and protect elections after President Trump ceases to be President.

He then concluded posting last night with a single word post: “Durham”

So what does this tell us?

Not really all that much. Q has been saying that something was coming for quite some time– Durham. Durham’s investigation only came up with one indictment before the election. Would he be held up by this uncertainty? Doubtful. No ballots left to be cast, so there’s no reason that he could not announce anything he wanted to.

What does that have to do with the election and counts? Well, if he did have something on Biden, the Democrats or Harris, that would be interesting, but I’m not sure how that would change anything… unless this is the real reason that they aren’t letting him have intelligence briefings and have refused to recognize him as President-Elect. Is it possible that, once he is in that official position, he gets the immunity that Presidents have from prosecution. Maybe Durham has something on Biden, and they want it all wrapped up before the official declaration.

Why did Haspel and Barr meet with McConnel? To plead for their jobs for the next 30 days? Is it possible they were relaying intel about what Durham is going to bring forth? Is it possible they were saying they have real proof of fraud in the election? Did they talk about their grandchildren and golfing?

There are more questions than answers, right now. Many believe there will be another exit from the NCSWIC– the guy that put out the statement about how secure this election was. That might be soon. Saying “Durham” doesn’t say much– and Friday is an awful day to do something if you want a big news splash…

If Durham has info, if there’s something to be declassified, it would certainly take up a lot of oxygen and momentum if they’d get all the particulars out of the way as soon as possible and get it in front of the American people. The brainwashing and persuasion needs an effective counter if Pres. Trump really did win this election fairly.

Or maybe it’s all just conspiracy theories…

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