August 19, 2022

Trump’s Most Likely Path to Victory in 2020

I like to consider myself a realist. That doesn’t mean that I don’t follow or tend to get caught up in reading the conspiracy theories of Q or the like, but that I can also evaluate scenarios and figure out most likely outcomes. I mean, I can still remember thinking one of the Republicans for President was going to pull it out because someone was saying military ballots were going to come in and make him win… and that didn’t happen.

Suffice it to say, the entire narrative right now is that Biden will win, the Democrats will keep the House with a narrow margin and there will be a narrow margin for the Republicans in the Senate. It’s so important for the media and tech to maintain this narrative that they spent weeks telling you this would be the narrative, and anything that is even close to giving Trump an opening where he could still win is considered fake news.

They are dismissing affidavits, reports by states of irregularities, calls from states to recount and audit… everything. It almost is a Streisand Effect, making you want to believe it more.

But what’s Trump’s most likely chance to victory? There’s always accusations of fraud, recounts, etc., and they barely make a dent in the totals. So what’s the most likely outcome and what would serious work. I think it’s this:

Trump keeps what he has and is leaning toward him

This means that Trump keeps every state that he has won this far (which would be hard for him to lose) and then he takes North Carolina and Alaska. Alaska should be easy to call– some say that they are not calling it because they don’t want to show any motion in Trump’s numbers whatsoever. They want it frozen at 279/214 until he calls, then they’ll let his number rise. Maybe, I don’t know. Going to be awfully hard to keep it there when the votes are final. This Friday North Carolina should turn in their final numbers as well. Unofficial, of course.

Trump manages to get Arizona and Georgia away from Biden outright

Whether it’s through provisional ballots, military ballots, or recounts because of glitches, these two states are really close, and could go either way if there really are shenanigans afoot. Maybe Nevada comes through because people aren’t in the state and voted in it– I’m not holding my breath. Arizona may go Trump outright– he’s been gaining since election night and there’s no reason to doubt he could overtake, especially if there are recounts.

Trump Flips Pennsylvania Via the Supreme Court

There’s a reason that Alito told Pennsylvania to segregate ballots that came in before and after November 3rd. I believe that he thinks Trump will win that fight. Now, if they’ve mixed ballots together, if they can prove date stamp tampering, or any of the other things in Pennsylvania, then it’s possible that Trump flips PA and then wins the Presidency.

It would be the biggest comeback story ever, and definitely drive the liberals bananas. They would definitely not want to heal and unify, and who knows what they would pull to try to claim that it was illegitimate… especially because of what they’re trying to do to make sure no one questions the outcome they’ve declared!

We’ll have to see if I’m right, or maybe more states, like Wisconsin and Michigan join the party, or whether this all amounts to nothing. It’s quite the ride.

Also, I don’t think that the Barr investigation will amount to anything. Unless something much bigger is going on than we can see.

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