December 7, 2022

Is the 2020 Election Over Yet?

The only thing that would be more “2020” than this election would be if we somehow managed to get a 269-269 tie. Instead, we have this weird case where former Vice President Joe Biden has been called the winner by the mainstream media, which has kicked off a whole bunch of people calling him the president-elect and he’s turned the corner to start talking about what he’ll do in his administration, while President Trump is left being censored by Big Tech while his surrogates run to the courts with suspected cases of fraud.

Obviously, elections aren’t decided by the media– but it feels like it. This is because the mathematical models that are usually produced can accurately tell who will win and it usually isn’t close. The models predicted Biden, and those running the decision desks decided to call the race for him either to help nudge him to victory, or because they really believe he won.

In 2000, the race between Bush and Gore came down Florida. To this day, people disagree on who won, with many suggesting that if Gore had chosen a different method of counting, or pushed for a full statewide recount instead of just a partial one, he would have won. In the end, Gore conceded after the Supreme Court case, and the rest is history.

Now, those were different times. Gore called to concede, before withdrawing it when it got close. Bush didn’t declare victory until Gore conceded the second time. The media covered butterfly ballots and hanging chads, wondered about third party candidates– did they really cast a vote for Buchanan?– and had photos that still ring in my mind today.

In this race, even though Trump is claiming that it is not over, and that he’s going to court, and his people are listing all sorts of instances of fraud, the media is not curious– dismissing everything as fake news. The media is cutting away from the President discussing fraud, fact checking him on the fly or refusing to air his statements outright. And who can blame them? He has called them enemy of the people and they have been at war since he first was sworn in. He has given more access than any President in history, and has had a more hostile press than I can ever remember.

So it’s all against Trump again. Is this the final act, where the protagonist goes down in a blaze of glory, like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, or will Trump be victorious with his many paths back to the Presidency. All we do know is that December 8 is approaching. As long as he doesn’t concede, there’s plenty of time for twists and turns before then.

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