August 14, 2022

Would You Drive a Woman to Get An Abortion If She Volunteers to Send Money to an Adoption Agency?

Amid all the talk of Evangelicals voting for Biden because voting for a Republican President hasn’t done all that much for stopping abortion steps Samuel Sey:

If a pregnant woman promised to you she would donate money to poor children if you drove her to Planned Parenthood, would you do it? Would you enable her to kill her child to help other children?

If you’re pro-life—if you’re a Christian—you would reject her offer. You wouldn’t sacrifice one child to help other children. You wouldn’t be an accomplice to murder, right?

But what if a politician asked you the same question?

What if a politician asked you to vote for him so they could expand government funding to poor children? Except there’s one catch—one major problem. What if they also promised to expand abortion laws against vulnerable children? Would you enable him to kill more pre-born babies to help, supposedly, other children?

Pro-Life Evangelicals For Abortion?

Powerful stuff. I mean, I can imagine that some would try to make the argument that you should ride with the mother, so as not to compound the grief, and yet, you are going to be accomplice to that murder, instead of standing fast on your belief. You console afterwards.

His whole article is worth the read, if only for these gems:

If you’re familiar with what God says—or doesn’t say—about poverty, climate change, and health care services in the Bible, then you probably know the draftees of the statement are not merely suggesting Joe Biden is more pro-life than Donald Trump. They’re also insinuating Joe Biden is more pro-life than God.

By what they say, and what they do, they are agreeing with pro-choice arguments against abortion, and proving what they think about abortion– they’ve given up the fight because they’ve bought the lie that Jesus’ commands to the believer and the church apply to the government, and that the government should enforce compliance. And that is scary indeed.

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