May 28, 2022

Can Someone Who Is Anti Abortion Vote, With a Clear Conscience, for Biden?

There has been a lot of digital ink spent on trying to give some Christians a way to escape shame for voting for VP Biden in the 2020 election. These believers do not want Pres. Trump for one or many reasons, and as this election is becoming more of a referendum on the President than a choice between two different candidates. These people want a way to not get another four years of Trump, and voting for Biden is the only way they can get there.

They Can’t Vote Their Conscience

If they wanted to be pure in their intent, they could vote for any of the third party candidates that line up with their beliefs, or write in Ronald Reagan. They cannot do this because this doesn’t get what they want accomplished because, as far as Presidential elections go, only 2 people have a chance, and a vote for someone that is not Biden doesn’t help stop Trump. Only a vote for Biden might get their preferred outcome.

Biden is a Moderate!

This is the entire reason that the Democrats ran VP Biden. It wasn’t because they don’t want liberal policies– they do, by overwhelming numbers. If you look at the candidates and the energy on the left, it is all on their base and the leftwing ideology that many in America reject. Single payer insurance, green new deal, abortion on demand, China, … the list goes on. A majority of the candidates on the debate stage supported these policies and divided the vote, leaving Biden catching the center.

He’s the only one of their candidates that is tolerable to the once conservative Never Trumpers, and he has has more trouble with gaffes this time around than ever before– and that’s saying something! He’s not calling the shots. Kamala Harris, his VP pick, is as left as they come, and Speaker Pelosi has signaled that new 25th Amendment legislation is not targeted at Pres. Trump. So, do you really think Joe will be calling the shots?

No Pro-Life President Keeps His Word on Abortion

This is clever, I guess. The President cannot overturn Roe or Casey on his own. He can nominate judges who may be skeptical of Roe, but he can’t even pass legislation on his own.

What he can do is keep the Hyde Amendment alive. He can keep the Mexico City policy in effect. He can declare, via executive order, that infants born alive need to be kept alive.

When Pres. Obama came into office, one of the first things that he did was rescind the Mexico City policy, which prevents the US from promoting and funding abortion in other countries. Would a VP Biden, who says that he’d champion abortion through birth, do less than that?

While Planned Parenthood still made a lot of money off the government, they also endorsed Joe Biden saying that it was a life or death election. And Poili-fact rated Trump defunding Planned Parenthood as a Promise Kept. Interestingly they have this as the last paragraph:

It’s important to note these changes have been in the regulatory realm rather than passed by Congress. Abortion rights advocates say that a victory by presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden this fall could reverse these policies.

Defund Planned Parenthood

So all the things that Trump could do by himself (Mexico City, Defund Planned Parenthood, Born Alive, Conservative Judges) can be easily undone in a next administration((Well, the Supreme Court is another thing, but if court packing becomes a thing…)).

How can someone that’s pro-life miss these things? By either saying their leaders say it’s ok, or by saying that there’s a chance Biden won’t do these things.

And as we saw, with Pres. Obama who stopped the Mexico City policy day 1, Biden will have little reason why not to carry out everything the left wants– and if he doesn’t, Pelosi’s ready with the 25th amendment and liberal Kamala in the wings.

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