April 21, 2021

President Trump Authorizes Release of All SpyGate Documents… Didn’t He Do This Already?

Lots of concern about polls for President Trump and wondering when, if ever, we’ll get to the bottom of SpyGate going on today.

Erik Erikson believes that Trump is going to lose, though he’s hesitant to say that because he thought that was the case in 2016, and was wrong:

I understand why President Trump’s supporters are confident he will win now. People like me were wrong in 2016; they have internalized an epistemological belief that polls are wrong; and there is actually a lot of evidence that many Trump supporters are in as much of a bubble as anti-Trump voters are in terms of media outlets, social media, etc.

The polling could be wrong. There’s a lot we don’t know. But there is also a growing sense among Republican strategists on the ground that something has shifted in Biden’s direction. That’s not to say it cannot shift back.

Where Are We?

Not so fast, says the Spectator. The fundamentals of Trump’s campaign are strong:

The voter registration numbers in Florida fly hard in the face of those poll numbers. Four years ago there were 330,000 more registered Democrats than Republicans. Now that gap is 183,000. In Pennsylvania, the Democrats’ edge in registered voters has fallen off by just under 200,000, the majority of which has come this year. In North Carolina, Republican voter registration is up 3.5 percent, while Democrats have fallen off by more than 6 percent since the 2016 election.

Five Quick Things: The Polls, or the Fundamentals?

Jonathan Turley talks about Spygate and how he doesn’t understand why the media is not interested:

Once again, my initial interest is in the utter blackout on the story. This would seem a major story regardless of the ultimate findings. If these notes have been fabricated or misrepresented, it would show a breathtaking effort to lie to the voters before the election. If these notes are genuine, it would indicate that the FBI was aware of an effort by the Democratic presidential candidate to tag Trump with a Russian collusion scandal. We know that Clinton’s campaign funded the Steele dossier and that Steele shopped the dossier with the media to try to generate coverage to influence the election.

“A Means Of Distracting The Public”: Brennan Briefed Obama On Clinton “Plan” To Lie Trump To Russia

The National Review has a more comprehensive analysis of why Brennan’s notes matter, but it seems that this is finally bubbling up to frustration on Trump’s part.

This, along with multiple tweets about Obamagate/Spygate seemed to make people believe that there would be more documents produced. And some have been, by Ratcliffe, to Durham. But nothing seems to be happening.

Q is being cryptic, implying that there’s a lot of blackmail and bought out politicians and staffers in Washington– and I can believe that, but Q has also spoken about how much of the swamp has been drained… but the people that are stonewalling Trump are those that he appointed.

If things come out now, it’ll appear to be “just another October Surprise” that will be seen as a political trick. How else would a normal person explain the timing. The MSM is already saying that these notes that are coming out now are Russian disinformation to aid Trump.

We need justice. We need to know the truth, whatever way that shakes out. What are they waiting for?

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