May 10, 2021

Will MacArthur Hold Services at Grace Community This Sunday?

On August 9, Grace Community Church opened its doors to congregants inside the building, no masks, no social distancing. The elders decided that the government had no ability to tell the church that they were not essential, and that they would follow God rather than man.

Los Angeles County disagreed, and started fighting to close the church door again. First by going to court, then by closing the parking lot. Up until this week, the court had sided with Grace Community and Pastor John MacArthur.

Until this Thursday…

A megachurch that has defied Los Angeles County’s pandemic health orders must stop holding Sunday worship services indoors, under a judge’s ruling Thursday.

L.A. County Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff sided with public health officials, who took legal action last month to enforce health orders against Grace Community Church, an evangelical congregation in Sun Valley that has been holding Sunday worship services indoors since July 26.

Judge bars defiant Los Angeles megachurch from holding indoor services

For the first time, the law is not on the side of this group. What will they do?

According to their published document, they’ll be open this Sunday– when the government is supposed to post messages that they’re closed and inspect that they’re following the dictates of the local ordinances. What will the county do if they continue to meet? Will they arrest all that show up? The leadership? Fines?

You can be sure that both sides are preparing for Sunday. Would you attend? Are you planning on attending?

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