June 15, 2021

COVID-19 Shows The Failure of Modern Society

For some time now I’ve wondered about the wisdom of the current societal structure around life and the family. Having grown up in a nuclear family where dad worked outside the home and mom worked in it, and all around us families were either that or transitioning to two-payer families, it was easy to think that it was always like this. Well, maybe not always like this– maybe everyone was farmers and then it was always like this.

American Society has been hurtling toward making us independent people for quite some time, and if the progressives could get their way they’d finally accomplish it. This is the societal ideal:

Dad and Mom would get paying jobs that would take place outside the home. From 6 weeks until 22+ years old, a trained person would take care of your child mixed with other kids only at their own age:

  • They would take the children from the moment they wake up and after you’ve fed them “human feed” in terms of processed foods.
  • They’d have them all day long, teaching them whatever the experts wanted taught, to whatever the level of interest or dedication the teacher had.
  • They’d then ship them back to you at the end of the day with enough work to keep them busy that night, and you’d feed them again and put them to bed, only to repeat the next day.

Society would make sure that they got the right shots, that you, the “evening child care workers” weren’t hurting them because the day workers would have the ability to have them removed from you with a difficult recourse to prove your innocence, and this was the path of life up until COVID-19.

All of a sudden, this disease turned everything upside down, as parents that were used to working were forced back in the home, together with the rest of their family. Mom or dad had to be a part of schooling, and the day child care workers, those tasked with taking the child’s best hours and training them in society’s best interests were left feeling abandoned and worthless– without meaning because “their” children were no longer present.

And the home began to mean something. It meant what C R Wiley said it should me in Man of the House. It was productive property. Dad and/or Mom was making money from the home. Education was happening at home. Maybe you all planted a garden, got some chickens or started making masks. Mom and Dad could see what you were being taught, and were teaching fun things. They were spending their time and their lives together.

Or maybe they were complaining about how this all upended their perfect life. Saying how they can’t do this because they aren’t good enough and don’t know how.

This current situation is almost prophetically designed to showcase the farce of our societal approach to separating work and family lives.


This is what our society has shown in full relief. The most important things that we should be doing– raising our family, investing in the next generation, and building a life together– we’ve outsourced to paid people that have taken up the responsibility to love our children, to care for them– much like when other animals birth a litter of puppies or kittens and then have their children taken from them to be raised by others.

And this we think is normal, until COVID-19.

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