August 14, 2022

Demographic Time Bomb

Mother and child

Contrary those that are talking all the time about overpopulation, the real problem that we’re seeing in the United States is an issue of a demographic crisis.

Americans are not having enough children. They’re making up the quantity, to some degree, with immigrants and hoping all will be well; however, immigrants are not the same as natives. They don’t have the same values, the same heroes, or upbringing.

Catherine Rampell, of the Washington Post, compared the U.S. to Japan and had this to say:

In 2017, the United States saw the fewest babies born in 30 years, a stat that produced a lot of hand-wringing.

But it turns out things could be worse — a lot worse. We could be Japan, whose unfolding demographic crisis provides some lessons for where America might be headed.

Rampell casts the blame on the Japanese culture emphasizing work for both sexes and their declining marriage rate which, when coupled with their traditional beliefs about having children inside marriage, means that she ends up arguing that Japan would be better if it just had more single mothers.

But reality tells a different story– and she gives it away at the end of the article.

What you see her admitting is that immigrant populations tend to have more children than indigenous ones. What she doesn’t show you is that, within a few generations these immigrants will change and start having the same low birth rate. You see, it has more to do with the fact that modern, Western society as currently practiced devalues children and creating stable families for them, and infects all new people with this value system.

I mean, we’re having discussions about whether children that are born alive after an abortion should be given life saving care! Half of this nation fights for the rights of women not to have children, whether they do this by ingesting poison or physically removing the baby either by vacuuming them or breaking them apart. This is considered humane.

As long as a nation’s people are selfish and focused on that rather than producing and raising the next generation, then the demographics will be upside down.

However, there is an upside.

For those people willing to have multiple children, and to raise their children to do the same, they will vastly outnumber those that choose to promote self-centeredness. In just a few generations a group of people could seemingly take over a small town or state– I mean, this seems to be the plan of some immigrant populations anyway. We may soon find that we have families like the Duggards competing with immigrants for the largest families while atheists and those with small families are left without representation.

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