August 19, 2022

Vice President Has Picture Taken With Q Follower

So this is pretty wild. Vice President Mike Pence was meeting with some services members and a photo was taken of him with someone wearing a Q patch. And this put the MSM into a tizzy such that the photo was replaced by another one and the guy that was wearing it got demoted!

First, the photo:

Some Q followers thing that this post may be for this guy:

This photo set off a whole bunch of articles, which makes no sense if Q is nothing to be concerned about:

Q finishes discussing Pence and the SWAT officer with this, showing just how much was written about this event:

Definitely weird if this is just Live Action Role Play. They’re drawing a lot of attention to Q and definitely don’t want anyone to actually believe what Q says.

The End Is Near

What’s most amazing about this whole thing, from an outsider’s perspective, is that both sides believe that they are in the endgame, and that their hero is about to proclaim victory– on multiple fronts.

While Q and those following him believe that Huber, Sessions, Trump declassification or something else is going to sweep in and save the day, Seth Abramson and those aligned with him believe Mueller’s just about done and we’re ready for Trump to implode.

Here’s @NormEisen from yesterday:

In case you aren’t up on this line of attack against Trump, if you aren’t talking Trump-Russia you may be talking the fact that Trump is somehow gaining financially from being President (even though Forbes guesses he’s lost money since becoming President).

A recent tweet by @SethAbramson again highlights this weird symbiosis.

Here’s Abramson suggesting that Mueller is going to prove whether there is a two tier justice system (one for the rich and one for the poor) which is exactly what Hannity says is the problem with Washington. That the Clintons, etc. have a different justice system because of their wealth and connections than the rest of us.

Like I said, it’s weird how the same thoughts of justice, fair play and the rule of law exist as moral good on both sides, but all either side sees is what the other side has done wrong. Fasicnating.

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