June 15, 2021

We Are One – The Story of Adam and Eve

We are One

The Story of Adam and Eve – Genesis 1-3

In this passage we are taking a look at the first marriage—the first couple as it were.  From this study we should gain a crucial insight into what marriage was like when the people involved were sinless, and how that has changed because the introduction of sin.

Describe the creation of Adam and Eve.

Adam was created from the dust of the ground, like the animals.  However, he is the only one that is said to have had breathed into his nostrils the breath of life—he is a distinct creation.  Eve is the only person that is said to have been created not from the dust of the ground, but from Adam’s side.

What was the reason for the creation of Eve?

Eve was created because God recognized that it was not good for Adam to be alone, he needed a helper, and no suitable helper could be found.

What is the significance of Adam’s proclamation at the site of Eve?

That she was called Woman because she was taken out of the man, and that she was him, in essence—they were one flesh.

What is the difference between the command that God gave Adam and the one that Eve relayed to the serpent?  What is the significance of the change?

Eve added that she was not allowed to even touch the fruit.  The significance is that there was an addition made to the rule—one that allowed for Eve to touch the fruit and think that she could also eat, since nothing happened when she touched.

Who was responsible for the Fall?  Why?

Adam.  He was the one that was given the instruction.  When Eve took and ate nothing happened, but as soon as Adam accepted the fruit from Eve and ate, they knew they were naked.  At that point, the innocence died.

Who accepted blame for eating?

No one.  They each blame shifted to the other one.

God cursed each of them, and needed to establish roles if the marriage unit was going to function correctly.  What had possibly been an equal union became one in which the husband would rule over the wife, and the wife would desire the husband.

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