April 22, 2021

The Pharisees of Jesus Day Wished They Had This Much Power

If you remember your New Testament, you know that the Pharisees had gotten out of hand, using pedometers to track how many steps people took and keeping track of data on the cell phone plans while browsing FaceTablet.  It was a big deal when Jesus and His disciples went through a field and hand harvested their own grain.

They didn’t have anything on the U.S. Federal Government and its desire to pass rules and regulations (with price tags) on everything and anything people do.

From Ann Althouse:

“An army of lawyers working under Mr. Obama’s authority…. has imposed billions of dollars in new costs on businesses and consumers.”

“Many of the new rules are little known, even as they affect the way Americans eat, love and die. People can dine on genetically engineered salmon. Women can buy emergency contraceptive pills without prescriptions. Military veterans can design their own headstones.”

Regardless of whether these are good or bad things, this is the opposite of a small Federal government.

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