May 29, 2022

Save Second Base?

mother daughterEvery November, men around the blogosphere go without shaving to see how much money they can raise for prostate cancer.  Every October, women try to see how uncomfortable they can make men while raising money for breast cancer.

This year was no different than before—with slogans like “save the ta-ta’s” to “Save Second Base”, we are shown that people believe that sexy can sell breast cancer.

Except that this year, many patients are getting quite upset [warning: link to USA Today contains graphic image of girl in bikini in an ad for 2nd Annual Save Second Base].

As well they should be.

This is a serious disease that is claiming the lives of our sisters and mothers and all we can think to do to raise awareness and funds is to show off body parts, and make light of the fact that many women, as part of treatment, may lose one or both breasts.

I simply don’t understand the disconnect.

Image from Stock Exchange used under the Standard Restrictions explained at the link.

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