June 15, 2021

Just About Anyone Can Get On News Programs

It seems that this young man was able to get onto a Fox News program in order to share why he voted for Obama in 2008, but was now voting for Romney in 2012.  However, when he got on camera he was more interested in flirting with the interviewer than he was in Romney.  In fact, he states that he will be voting for Romney only because he lost a basketball game.

The advent of the 24-hour news-cycle means that we are now treated to anyone that we can find that will get on the air and get their name out there.  In an election battle where people are trying to sway opinion—one way or the other—it’s easy to manipulate the system to get on, and then do something totally different.

So in a way, the man was clever.  He snuck past the pre-interviewers and got on to make fun of Fox News.  And bad on Fox News for letting him do it.  But perhaps we should all take a step back and start to wonder if, indeed, we need these kind of news shows on all the time?

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